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Washing Machine Heating Element Manufacturing Line

The tubular heating elements are used in washing machines to increase the temperature of water, that it ensures the water is hot during the washing process.


The heater of the washing machine has some key components such as M shaped tubular heating element,NTC sensor,flange,rubber mat,inset pins etc.


At the very beginning, produce M-shaped tubular heaters by bending straight tubular heating elements. Then decrease the bending radius R of the heater in the horizontal direction, because the bending process cannot be achieved in a single attempt with a small radius. At last,the heater should be pressed in the vertical direction to ensure shape fixation.It is a automated punching press machine working as a line.


Then another machine to install flanges,rubber mats,NTC sensors,pins on the M-shaped heating elements which as a full automatic line.

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Precision-engineered for optimal thermal transfer and energy efficiency.

High-precision solutions for the production of superior filtration units, enhancing appliance performance.

Streamlined production of reliable, energy-efficient heating elements for peak laundry performance.

Showcasing the precision and efficiency of our advanced tube cutting technology. A game-changer in tubing applications.

Innovative machinery for the production of high-performance heat exchangers, boosting HVAC efficiency.

Exhibit of our tube bending machine’s capabilities, ensuring precise bends and minimal deformation every time.

Demonstrating superior tube end shaping with our state-of-the-art forming machines. Quality finishes, always.

Showcasing seamless integration of our tube bender within your workcell for enhanced workflow and productivity.


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