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Shell And Tube Condenser Heat Exchanger Production Line

The shell and tube heat exchanger like water cooled condenser,air cooled condenser,evaporative condenser,surface condenser etc

It is the most common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries,industrial,commercial,residential buildings and other large chemical processes, and is suited for higher-pressure applications.

Although they have different application in the field of heat exchange, but similar manufacturing processes because of similar structures.

As its name implies, this type of heat exchanger consists of a shell (a large pressure vessel) with a bundle of tubes inside it. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes (through the shell) to transfer heat between the two fluids. The set of tubes is called a tube bundle, and may be composed of several types of tubes: plain straight tube, U-shaped tube,longitudinally low finned tube,spiral grooved tube etc.

U shaped tube bending machine for shell tube condenser with multi radius pipe bending

low fin tube extruding machine for shell and tube condenser

spiral corrugated tube twisting machine for shell tube condenser

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Precision-engineered for optimal thermal transfer and energy efficiency.

High-precision solutions for the production of superior filtration units, enhancing appliance performance.

Streamlined production of reliable, energy-efficient heating elements for peak laundry performance.

Showcasing the precision and efficiency of our advanced tube cutting technology. A game-changer in tubing applications.

Innovative machinery for the production of high-performance heat exchangers, boosting HVAC efficiency.

Exhibit of our tube bending machine’s capabilities, ensuring precise bends and minimal deformation every time.

Demonstrating superior tube end shaping with our state-of-the-art forming machines. Quality finishes, always.

Showcasing seamless integration of our tube bender within your workcell for enhanced workflow and productivity.


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