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Advanced Tube Forming, Bending, and Cutting Solutions for Optimal Technical Outcomes.

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Drier Filter Manufacturing Machines

CNC Tube Spinning Machine & Automatic Tube Filling Machine

The Copper filter drier is designed to absorb residual moisture and filter out dirt which may may cause capillaries clogged .Normally be installed as component and replaced as repair part for both domestic and commercial refrigerators, freezers, air conditioner and other fully enclosed refrigeration equipment.   

Manufacturing Flow & Equipments:

CNC Copper Tube Spinning Machine

The CNC tube end spinning machine is used to reduce tube end diameter size by flow forming and rolling process with automatic feeding, spinning and unloading function.

Automatic Copper Tube Filling Machine

The automatic filling machine is used to fill the wire mesh,molecular sieves and perforated mesh into copper housing.

This machine is a programmable controller + pneumatic mechatronics canning machine, which can automatically load and unload, and one person has multiple machines. 
It is suitable for processing industries such as refrigeration and pharmaceuticals. It can automate the process of netting and canning of drying filters and medicinal containers. The equipment is stable, practical and efficient.   

All Projects & Integration

Precision-engineered for optimal thermal transfer and energy efficiency.

High-precision solutions for the production of superior filtration units, enhancing appliance performance.

Streamlined production of reliable, energy-efficient heating elements for peak laundry performance.

Showcasing the precision and efficiency of our advanced tube cutting technology. A game-changer in tubing applications.

Innovative machinery for the production of high-performance heat exchangers, boosting HVAC efficiency.

Exhibit of our tube bending machine’s capabilities, ensuring precise bends and minimal deformation every time.

Demonstrating superior tube end shaping with our state-of-the-art forming machines. Quality finishes, always.

Showcasing seamless integration of our tube bender within your workcell for enhanced workflow and productivity.


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