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Coaxial Tube In Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Machines

Tube-in-tube heat exchangers or coaxial heat exchangers consist of two tubes, an inner spiral corrugated pipe and an outer pipe coiled together. It designed for increases thermal efficiency and reduces the overall size. It is ideal for high temperature, high pressure and low flow applications such as water chiller systems, air conditioning,dehumidifier,dish washer,heat pump,Ice Machine,Regenerator,Water Purifierand etc.

Tube twisting machine to manufacture inner spiral groove pipe,copper tubes are the most commonly used materials because of their well-known good thermal conductivity. In addition, titanium corrugated tubes, nickel-nickel copper corrugated tube, stainless steel corrugated tube will also be used under different conditions.

Usually coaxial heat exchangers manufacturers are design different corrugation depths, pitches and number of grooves(flutes or starts) to meet different capacity and performance.Our tube twisting machine enbale for corrugation depth up to 5mm max,number of grooves(flutes or starts) like 3,4,6,8.Pitches according to grooves and corrugation depth.

Then put the corrugated copper pipe into the outer pipe to be ‘tube in tube’,the material outer pipe of coaxial condenser can be steel,stainless steel,copper etc.

At last,put the pipe on the CNC 3D tube bender to make coaxial bending.

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Precision-engineered for optimal thermal transfer and energy efficiency.

High-precision solutions for the production of superior filtration units, enhancing appliance performance.

Streamlined production of reliable, energy-efficient heating elements for peak laundry performance.

Showcasing the precision and efficiency of our advanced tube cutting technology. A game-changer in tubing applications.

Innovative machinery for the production of high-performance heat exchangers, boosting HVAC efficiency.

Exhibit of our tube bending machine’s capabilities, ensuring precise bends and minimal deformation every time.

Demonstrating superior tube end shaping with our state-of-the-art forming machines. Quality finishes, always.

Showcasing seamless integration of our tube bender within your workcell for enhanced workflow and productivity.


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