Tubular Heating Element Pancake Coil Bending Machine

Tubular Heating Element Pancake Coil Bending Machine

The pancake coil heating element is used for heaters of stoves, burners, bakers, pots, ovens, etc.

This is a machine for coiling a straight heater tube into a spiral-shaped pancake coil heater.


The coil bending machine is equipped with a series of workstations like an automatic heater loading hopper, 90-degree tube end bending on both sides,spiral-shaped coiling, and unloading. The gantry type automatic robots transport and process the heating element without interruption between each station.

Tubular Heating Element Pancake Coil Bending Machine


There are two mechanical bending units on the bending station, the central length can be adjusted by a screw rod and wheel handle. It allows a large variety of tubular heater lengths. It is remarkable that the bend located in the middle of the final finished heater coil does not require secondary treatment by this bending design. Another bend is left for the end piece of the last part of the heating coil.

It’s going to the coiling station, which is ready for spiral coiling after both sides bend the heater pipe. This is an innovative mechanical design that makes the end bend of the heater pipe go inside the coiling die(mandrel) to avoid interference.

The coiling mold consists of two Tefron plates that press the heater pipe in the middle to ensure the flatness of the heater coil during the spiral-forming process. Two plates drawback to release the heater coil after the process is done.

The spiral coiling die, element support, and bending length adjusting should change when changing the heating element model.

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