Resistance Wire Coil Winding Machine

Resistance Wire Coil Winding Machine

The resistance wire coiling machine is designed to make resistance wire to be spiral coils, an important component of tubular heating elements.


The resistance wire coil winding machine adopts PLC control, operation by touch screen, production amount counting by encoder.

The shaft rotating speed, coiling speed and cut to length of coils controls by the inverter and running automatically.

The parameters setting like wire diameter, Ohm/M, Ohm value in the touch screen, variation of the coil ohmic value can be controlled.

The resistance coil winding machine is available for coiling of single wire,double wire,triple wire.


single wire: mandrel diameter 2 ÷ 2,5 times wire diameter
double wire: mandrel diameter 2,5 ÷ 3 times wire diameter
triple wire: mandrel diameter 3 ÷ 3,5 times wire diameter


Resistance wire coil cutting by blade powered by pneumatic cylinder,number of turns and with clean ends cut is available.Further more,the latest wire coiling machine eliminates curl deformation of the cutting end.

The automatic resistance wire coiling machine features

  • Dynamic resistance measurement for Ohm/M,Ohm value and variation of the coil ohmic value.
  • Full-Automatic operation for resistance wire unwinding,wire coiling,wire cut to length,wire unloading.
  • User-friendly operation all in one HMI touchscreen.
  • Fastand quick changing over tools like wire coiling mandrel,wire cutting blades.

The resistance wire coil winding machine equipped with:

  • Up to 3 coils of uncoilers for resistive wire spools installation
  • Resistancewire ohmic value measurement system
  • Resistancewire length measurement encoder
  • Resistancewire coiling mandrels for inner diameter controlling
  • Resistancewire winding wheel and support for spiral coiling and lever wound
  • No-stop resistancewire cutting system
  • Unloading hopper for receiving resistancewire coils after the cut
  • Resistancewire ohmic value checking and setting system

More automatic machines for your for tubular heating element manufacturing, like coil and plug terminal pin assembly machine.The coil-to-plug machines feature inverter welding for different wire and pin materials.

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