Plate Fin Press Forming Machine

Plate Fin Press Forming Machine

Plate fin heat exchangers manufactured by swing fin punch press, it well known as brazed aluminum heat exchangers. A plate-fin heat exchanger is designed to use plates and finned chambers to transfer heat between fluids, most commonly gases. its ability to facilitate heat transfer with small temperature differences is utilized.

Plate Fin Press Forming Machine - GPF-350
Plate Fin Press Forming Machine - GPF-350

It is used in chemical plants natural gas processing, railway engines, motor cars,turbulator heat exchanger (turbulator heat transfer) of oil coolers, water Cooler, cooling radiators, radiator cooling systems, condensers, automotive radiators, intercoolers, automotive radiators and cooling systems, etc. Stainless steel plate fins are applied for aircraft.

The plate fin making machine for heat transfer fins is specifically designed for producing fins with complex shapes to improve the heat transfer efficiency and heat dissipation performance of heat exchangers.

Compact heat exchanger products are widely used in industries such as automobiles, ships, air conditioning, compressors, engineering machinery, mining machinery, aviation, military, and hydraulic oil cooling due to their heat transfer fins.

Plate Fin Press Forming Machine

Fin Press mold tooling for these machines can be catered to making fin patterns of all materials of fins like copper fins, aluminum alloy fins, SS stainless steel fins, etc. All types of fins like offset strip fin, plain rectangular fin, triangular fin, wavy fin, straight fin, perforated fin, louvered fin, corrugated fin, inner fin, serrated fin, multi empty fin, plain trapezoidal fin, herringbone fin, etc.


The full set of fin production lines includes an automatic aluminum foil strip uncoiler and feeding system, automatic forming fin stamping machine, automatic servo fin cut-off cut to length machine, automatic lubricating system, and fin molds

The full set of fin production line includes automatic aluminum foil strip uncoiler and feeding system, automatic forming fin stamping machine, automatic servo fin cut-off cut to length machine, automatic lubricating system and fin molds.

Plate Fin Press Forming Machine
Plate Fin Press Forming Machine

The Plate Fin Press Forming Machine finds extensive usage in various industries, including:
Chemical Plants and Natural Gas Processing: Ensuring optimal heat exchange in critical processes.
Automotive Sector: Used in engines, automotive radiators, intercoolers, and cooling systems to enhance cooling efficiency.
Aviation and Military: Employed in aircraft for its stainless steel plate fin applications.
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: Enhancing heat dissipation in cooling systems.
Hydraulic Oil Cooling: Ensuring efficient heat transfer in hydraulic systems.
Engineering and Mining Machinery: Improving heat transfer in heavy machinery.
Compressors: Enhancing the cooling efficiency of compressors.
Key Features:

Precision and Versatility: High precision in forming fins, allowing for complex shapes that optimize heat transfer efficiency and dissipation in heat exchangers. It caters to various fin materials, such as copper, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel.

Quick and Easy Die Replacement: Enables rapid die replacement, minimizing downtime during production.

Enhanced Transmission Design: Equipped with a reliable helical gear gearbox and a flywheel, the machine ensures smoother transmission, increased load-bearing capacity, and improved sprint speed.

Automatic Lubrication System: Features an automatic lubrication system that enhances equipment lifespan and reduces lubrication-related failures.

Stepless Speed Regulation: With a variable frequency system, it achieves stepless speed regulation, accompanied by jog and manual debugging functions, simplifying mold adjustment.

Adjustable Stroke for Different Fin Wave Distances: The lower platen feeding device allows for easy adjustment of fin wave distances, catering to various corrugation lengths during sprinting.

Automatic Servo Fin Cut to Length Machine:
the Automatic Servo Fin Cut to Length Machine controls the plate fin feeding and cutting length through a geared roller driven by a servo motor. With precise PLC control, the cutting blade accurately cuts the fins to the specified length or wave numbers.

Automatic servo fin cut to length machine

The plate fin feeding length and cutting length is controlled by the geared roller which driven by the servo motor. According to the fixed fin corrugation wave numbers, the plate fin is feed to the cutting blade to reach the specified fin length or fin wave numbers. The PLC controls the cutting blade to cut off. The height adjustment method of the belt drive wheel can be adjusted either through a single screw head or through the overall adjustment of the hand wheel.

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