NC Hydraulic Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine

NC Hydraulic Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine

The 3D (3 dimension) hydraulic mandrel tube bender is controlled by PLC and driven by hydraulic. It can bend various types of tubes with different bending angle in same or big radius.


The NC program controls the bend angle (Y axis) and rotation (Z axis). The distance between elbows (X-axis) is configured using easily adjustable and precise mechanical stops.

The clamping die with Toggle mechanism,the pressure die and bending Y-axis powered by hydraulic cylinder.All slides guided on screw linear rod.It works for copper pipes,alumium tubes,steel pipes,stainless steel pipes.

NC Hydraulic Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine



  • lImported NC control system special for refrigeration and air conditioning pipeline work.
  • lMulti-set servo systems ensure high precision feeding, rotating, and bending in process.
  • lTouch screen control with easy settings for X, Y , and Z axis positions for each step.
  • lAutomatic alarm system for each axis and automatic indication for fault unit.
  • lAll pipe bending tools adopt quick changing designs for fast set-up without re-positioning.
  • lThe minimum ovality even on small radius-to-diameter ratios achieved by experienced bending tools design, high precision machining manufacture, assembly skills, and advanced program control.
  • lAn integral memory system can save 100 programs, easier operation, and maintenance.
  • lRemote control with emergency stop button for convenient and safe operation.
  • lOptimum design machine frame with compact structure and friendly appearance.

NC Hydraulic Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine


The NC hydraulic mandrel tube bending head is directly driven by the servo motor to ensure rigidity and precision. And the pipe bending head is as small as possible to produce complex tube geometries in a single work.

It normally requires a tube bending machine with double bending directions.

The NC hydraulic mandrel pipe bending machine allows the jog operation for testing or simulation manually.

Individual pipe-bending pieces and small tube-bending series can be produced in this way as well.

All models of tube bending machines are driven by servo systems with 9 and more axes, controlled and driven by absolute servo motors with Full Electric power. On the CNC tube bender, the movement (axis) of virtually every device can be precisely positioned by servomotors, which are controlled by servo drivers.

High precision screw rods, recirculating roller,s or ball guides are used to achieve high-precision movements while increasing wearing time.

3D three-dimensional graphical NC software mounted in the 19’’ LCD Touch screen(HMI), the operator can interface with the machine to program it and simulate and optimize programs for the production of the pieces.

Also the pipe bending machine can be integrated into Smart Factory systems Industry 4.0 by Modbus, RS-232, RS-485, HART, MPI, or other communications protocols.

The hydraulic pipe bending mandrel is also controlled by servo electric for precision motion control.

The machine offers a high production speed and can produce bends with a CLR/DIA ratio of even less than 0.8. As everyone knows the difficulty of 1xD pipe bending (the centerline radius is one time of the pipe diameter). A carriage booster helps bends with radii as small as 1D and eliminates clamping scares so far. Or thin wall tube bending, but it still can be customized for your special requirements.

NC Hydraulic Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine


The NC hydraulic mandrel pipe bending system with support from our own designed programming software. It features program memories and quick selection,3D pipe bending simulation, defect correction, motion pipe bending process monitoring, and assisted design while requiring as less as operator skills. Also, 2d or 3d file remote input or USB is available.

Valuable upgrades options

  • lAutomatic copper tube feeding system

The automatic pipe feeder to achieve pipe bending from loading to unloading is fully automated with less human operation.When the pipe length is less than 600mm,a push plate type automatic hopper pipe feeder is suggested which stands in the rear and front of the pipe bending machine.When the tube length is more than 600mm, a gantry type automatic tube feeder is suggested which stands on the pipe bending machine.

  • lMulti-radius pipe bends with multi-stack

Up to 5 different variable radii can be bent on the same pipe for great multidimensional bending freedom. Multilevel bending dies are stacked on the same bending shaft while the same pipe share the same clamp die, pressure die, mandrel and wiper die, pipe collet, etc.

  • lDouble tube bending directions for complex bends

Left hand and right hand in process tube bending with an up and down exchangeable bending head for great multidimensional bending freedom. It helps tube bending methods be flexible in all directions in the free space. The pipe bending head is driven by a couple of servo motors and linear rods with precision movements. It helps to reduce pipe post bending processes to reduce operator operations.

  • Pipebending direction of the bending head

Different with double bending directions are on the same machine,a single left-hand pipe bending or right-hand bending is optional.It’s bend the tube in clockwise pipe bending or counterclockwise tube bending.

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