Multiple Hit Stations Tube End Forming Machine

Multiple Hit Stations Tube End Forming Machine

It’s much more efficient to form the end of the tube to make a bead, expansion, reduction, flange, flare, groove, knurl, or thickened wall. These operations can be done on a variety of part specifications and materials, including copper, aluminum, brass, steel, and stainless steel.


The tube end former forms different tube end shapes by multi-hit ram punching stations. According to the complexity of forming different pipe ends, it can be equipped with up to 6 workstations, 5 stations are forming stations, like tube end reducing, tube end swage reducing, tube end beading, tube end expanding, tube end flanging, tube end flaring, etc. One more rotating workstation for the end facing or trimming of the pipe.


Multiple Hit Stations Tube End Forming Machine


The ram tube end forming machines can have up to 7 hit forming stations. Some complicated flaring designs require multiple progressive forming processes, those individually hitting strokes shuttle ram forming by a repeatable process to make it . Those hitting strokes are driven by hydraulic in the horizontal direction and switched by servo motor and screw rods in the vertical direction.

Tube clamping jaws are fixed by hydraulic power as well.

Baffle stop positioning

Automatic lubrication recycling system.

All pipe clamps, forming dies, and tooling adopt modular designs for rapid replacement while need not re-positioning or setup.

The automatic pipe feeding hopper makes the machine works to be full automated.

Tube end forms can be of many types such as tube end offset expanding, tube end trimming or facing, tube end swage reducing, pipe end slotting, pipe hole punching, tube end beading or double beading with secondary clamp, tube end flaring, pipe end deburring, etc.

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