Low Fin Tube Extruding Machine

Low Fin Tube Extruding Machine

The Low Fin Extruding Machine is designed to enhance the surface area of heat exchange tubes. It achieves this by extruding integral low fins along the tube’s length. These fins significantly increase the tube’s surface area, resulting in improved heat transfer efficiency and performance.


The Low Fin Extruding Machine employs advanced finning technology to create low fins that optimize the contact area between the tube and the surrounding fluid, thereby improving heat transfer rates. The extruded fin tube machine can be used to create a wide range of fin sizes and tube dimensions, providing versatility to cater to various heat exchange requirements.

The equipment includes a planetary rolling head, pulling and feeding jogging device, feeding table, discharging table, hydraulic system, electrical system and pneumatic system, hydraulic cam feeder, PLC control system etc.

  • Dt : Outside diameter of plain end
  • Df : Diameter over fins
  • Dr : Root deameter of finned section
  • Di : Inside diameter of finned section
  • Tw : Wall thickness of plain section
  • Fw : Root wall thickness of finned section
  • PL : Plain end length
  • FL : Finned section length
  • A : Finned section taper length
  • LS : Land section length
  • TL1, TL2 : Length between plain end and land area
  • El : Entire length
1Red copperΦ12.7mm1.0-2.2mmTP2,T2Soft/semi-hard
2Nikel copperΦ12.7mm1.0-2.2mmBfe30-1-1Soft/semi-hard
3Red copperΦ15.88mm1.0-2.5mmTP2,T2Soft/semi-hard
4Nikel copperΦ15.88mm1.0-2.5mmBfe30-1-1Soft/semi-hard
5Red copperΦ19mm1.0-2.5mmTP2,T2Soft/semi-hard
6Nikel copperΦ19mm1.2-3.0mmBfe30-1-1Soft/semi-hard
7Stainless steelΦ16mm1.0-3.0mm304/316LSoft/semi-hard

The harder materials like Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel, and Titanium are supplied with higher density (i.e. 26,28,30 or 36 FPI). This shallow profile reduces the work hardening of the material and helps eliminate the possibility of root fin cracking.

Whereas, with softer materials like Carbon Steel, Copper, and Copper Alloys are supplied with deeper profiles giving a lower fin density (i.e. 16 or 19 FPI).

These tubes can also be supplied with intermediate plain landing as well as U Bent, where the U Bend portion can be Finned or Un-Finned.

Automatic feeder(optional)


The Low Fin Extruding Machine finds extensive applications in diverse industries:

Air Conditioning and HVAC Systems: It enhances the efficiency of air conditioning systems, enabling faster cooling and reduced energy consumption.

Refrigeration: The technology is instrumental in improving refrigeration efficiency, making it ideal for commercial refrigeration units.

Heat Exchangers: The low finned tubes produced by the machine are utilized in heat exchangers for applications in power plants, chemical processing, and more.

Radiators and Condensers: Automotive radiators and condensers benefit from the improved heat transfer capabilities of low-finned tubes, enhancing vehicle performance.

Oil and Gas Industry: The machine is utilized in heat exchangers and condensers within the oil and gas sector, optimizing thermal efficiency in critical processes.

The extruded fin tube forming machine is used for the production of outer low finned tubes. It was developed to increase the heat transfer performance of liquid to liquid or liquid to gas while reducing the physical size and cost of the heat exchangers of coolers, condensers, and chillers, the extruded fin is in the tube wall.

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