Gas Water Heater Copper Tube End Forming Machine

Gas Water Heater Copper Tube End Forming Machine

It’s much more efficient to form the end of the tube to make a bead, expansion, reduction, flange, flare, groove, knurl, or thickened wall. These operations can be done on a variety of part specifications and materials, including copper, aluminum, brass, steel, and stainless steel.


Tube end forming is applied for pipe connection inside of tankless water heaters for the gas burner, water inlet or outlet copper pipe, copper gas pipe, copper heat exchanger etc.

Those are commonly two kinds of pipe end formings which are double flanges type and triple beads

Double-flange is made by progressive ram tube end forming with multistroke.

Triple beads and flanged end are made by progressive ram tube end forming with multistroke and secondary clamping


The tube end forming machine integrated up to 7 stations all in one.

up to 5 stations of end-forming hitting strokes, one station of pipe roll grooving, and one rotary trimming station. The integrated tube end-forming machine is capable of most materials like copper pipe, aluminum pipe, stainless steel pipe, etc.


5 pipe end forming stations are able to perform more complex end-forming by single or multi punches. Those hitting strokes are driven by hydraulic in the horizontal axial direction and each stroke is switched by a servo motor and screw rod in the vertical direction.


Tube clamping jaws are fixed by hydraulic power as well.

Double baffle for two times stop positioning.

Automatic lubrication recycling system.

All pipe clamps, forming dies, and tooling adopt modular designs for rapid replacement while need not re-positioning or setup.

The automatic pipe feeding hopper makes the machine works to be full automated.

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