Exhaust Pipe Marmon Bead Pipe End Forming Machine

Exhaust Pipe Marmon Bead Pipe End Forming Machine

Segmented Pipe End Forming Machine

The Marmon flange serves as a crucial component in exhaust pipe connectors within the automotive industry. Consisting of three essential parts of the male Marmon flare, female Marmon bead and Marmon clamp. It plays a vital role in ensuring a reliable and secure connection.


The tube end flaring process is employed to achieve the desired male Marmon flare, while the female Marmon bead is crafted through the tube end beading process, which is a kind of tube end forming technology. The success of the assembly greatly hinges upon the precision and accuracy of the beading and flaring surfaces, as these dictate the efficacy of the clamp connection.

Exhaust Pipe Marmon Bead Pipe End Forming Machine


For efficient and precise Marmon flange manufacturing, a segmented tube end forming machine will be an ideal choice. This advanced equipment allows for the seamless fabrication of Marmon flanges, ensuring high-quality and consistent results throughout the production process.

Exhaust Pipe Marmon Bead Pipe End Forming Machine


The machine is not limited for marmon bead or marmon flare only,but also work for press-fit pipe fittings,flanges,couplings etc.Also can be achieved to more different pipe end forming profiles by just tooling replaced like pipe expanding,pipe end reducing,pipe end flanging etc.

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