EGR Cooler Stainless Steel Tube Twisting Machine

EGR Cooler Stainless Steel Tube Twisting Machine

The EGR cooler is used to protect the engine by lowering combustion temperature with cooled exhaust gas. The EGR cooler also boosts fuel economy by returning the cooled gas to the combustion chamber.


There are bundles of stainless steel corrugated spiral twisting pipes inside of the EGR coolers.

Spiral twisted tubes offer better performance for vortex flow rate in heat exchangers. It features to increase heat transfer, reduce pressure drops, increase heat transfer surface area, eliminate damaging vibration, reduce dead spots resulting from accumulated fouling, etc.

Therefore, spiral twisted pipes are widely used in various fields related to heat exchangers. like shell and tube condensers, coaxial tube-in-tube condensers, heat pumps, solar water heaters, plumbing, EGR cooler of heavy-duty trucks, flexible connectors for air conditioners, shell and tube evaporators, evaporative cooling towers, natural gas water heaters, swimming pool heat exchanger, boiler heat recycling, shower waste water heat recycling, spas heating, hot tube heating, floor heating, driveway snow melts, oil cooling or heating, steam condenser, district heating, transmission and engine cooler, boiler sample cooler, waste water heat recovery, etc.

Factors like raw material, pipe diameter, wall thickness, spiral groove pitch, groove depth, and number of grooves (leads or starts) interact with each other, and people are committed to studying the optimal combination to maximize heat transfer efficiency.

The tube twisting machine is an ideal equipment to manufacture such twisted pipes

And leads or starts of groove flutes can be 3,4,6,8 by replacing chuck heads, groove depth adjusted by forming rollers’ height, and groove pitch adjusted by forming rollers’ inclined dip angle degrees.

The tube twisting machine is driven by three sets of servo motors and servo controllers.

They are working synchronously to provide stable linear,axial and radial movements while keeping it at the same rate, resulting in a stable and consistent pitch and depth of the grooves with limitless pipe length. Benefiting from the equipped CNC systems, the tube twisting machine is able to manufacture continuous or disconnected spiral grooves on the same pipe.

Furthermore, the tube twisting machine can also be used to process different materials, like copper twisting tubes, aluminum twisting pipe, stainless steel twisting pipe,copper-nickel twisting pipe, titanium twisting pipe

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