Copper Tube Hydroforming Machine

Copper Tube Hydroforming Machine

Copper tube hydroforming machine is used to manufacture copper tee branch pipes.


Copper tee hydroforming is a precision process used in various industries, including plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and industrial applications. The copper tees are often used for connecting pipes in plumbing and fluid transportation systems.

Copper Tube Hydroforming Machine

The hydroforming die containing and sealing the copper blank is positioned in the hydroforming machine. Seals are used to prevent hydraulic fluid leakage during the forming process. Hydraulic fluid (often oil or water) is pumped into the die at high pressure.

The hydraulic fluid applies uniform pressure to the copper blank from all sides. This pressure causes the blank to deform and take on the shape of the copper tee’s branches and body. The fluid pressure is carefully controlled to ensure precise shaping.

The material flows and deforms without excessive stretching or thinning, resulting in a final tee with consistent dimensions and structural integrity.

Hydraulic pressure is precisely fine-controlled to ensure that the copper pipe doesn’t crack or rupture during the forming process.

Excess copper pipe material should be trimmed off after the finished copper tee is released.

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