Copper Tube End Closing Machine

Copper Tube End Closing Machine

The tube end closing machine is used to seal the pipe end of thin-walled copper, aluminum, or steel tubes, etc.The pipe end closing machine closes the end of copper tubes with a flat surface but not completely sealed. The pipe end is heat-deformed by friction between the tool and the material in the rotating process.


Tube end sealing machine with its combination of two controls of axial tube spinning and radial tool movement.The system may also be equipped with a servo system and PLC controller to achieve fully automated.

The pipe end closing machine is able to close the end in flat, spherical, elongated, tapered, grooved, or flange shapes.Custom accessories and dies are available for tube end forming like tube flaring, tube expanding, tube end reducing, etc.

Advantages of tube end closing process

  • Reduce the costs of pipe fittings and soldering materials
  • Minimize leak points and improving structural strength
  • Reducelimitation of material while can’t welded
  • Reduce material losing by pipe end deformation

Features of the pipe end closing machines

  • Seal pipes in impressive performance with high speed cold forming
  • Full automatic for higher pipe end closing efficiency withless human interference
  • Servo drive and PLC control for better consistency of sealed pipes
  • Quickchanging tools and accessories for more possibilities of tube end forming

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