Copper Heat Pipe Vacuum Degassing Machine

Copper Heat Pipe Vacuum Degassing Machine


A copper heat pipe degassing machine is designed to remove gases and impurities to create a vacuum environment inside the heat pipes.

The machine is equipped with a vacuum chamber where the heat pipes are placed for degassing. The chamber is designed to create a controlled vacuum environment to facilitate the removal of gases and impurities. The vacuum pump system is key to removing air and other gases from the chamber, allowing the heat pipes to degas effectively.

A heating element is incorporated to warm the heat pipes slightly. Heating the heat pipes can aid in the release of trapped gases by encouraging the working fluid inside the heat pipe to vaporize.

Precise temperature control is necessary to prevent overheating of the copper heat pipes. The degassing machine is equipped with temperature sensors and controllers to maintain the desired temperature range for degassing without damaging the heat pipes.

Sealing Mechanism is integrated after the degassing process, the copper heat pipes need to be sealed to maintain the vacuum and cleanliness.

Data recorded for precision process control and improvement, like the degassing cycles, parameters, and other information of heat pipes.

The machine can be quickly fit to various heat pipe diameters and lengths, by just changing over toolings. Ultra-thin wall copper heatpipe is available as well.

Automated integration of copper heat pipe degassing machines like

distilled water filling integrated with degassing,

copper tube end sealing integrated with degassing,

inspection after secondary degassing,

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