Copper Heat Pipe Vacuum Degassing Machine

Copper Heat Pipe Vacuum Degassing Machine


This finning machine wraps strip on the tube to form a fin around it, by continuous spiral wound starting from a coil of strips. The pitch of the fins and the strip winding speed of the tube can be adjusted,also can be programmed variable pitches on the same pipe which control by PLC systems.
Different fin height adjusted by fin crimping roller replaced.
There is a strip decoiling reeler along with the machine.

Spiral fin crimped on tubes are made to increase surface area of heat transfer.

The fin tube spiral crimping machine consists of tubular elements or tube loading support,fin rolling head,fin strip uncoiling feeder,

The base pipe material can be mild Steel pipe,copper pipe,steel pipe,stainless steel pipe etc.
The fin material can be stainless steel strip,copper strip,steel strip etc

Copper Heat Pipe Vacuum Degassing Machine

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