Copper Heat Pipe Rotary Swage Reducing Machine

Copper Heat Pipe Rotary Swage Reducing Machine

A copper tube end swage reducing machine is a device used to manipulate the end of a copper tube by reducing its diameter.


This process is known as “swaging” or “swage reduction.” Swaging is a cold forming process where the diameter of the tube is reduced by applying radial compressive forces.

Tube end swage shrink reducing is a forming method to achieve tube end reduction. uses a rapid rotary spinning of hammer strikes to form the tube. This chipless metal forming method is an efficient way to produce products with minimal material waste. It can also size, reduce, shape, taper, bond, or form metal parts. Meanwhile, the I/D inner diameter can be ensured when a mandrel putting inside the tube.

The copper pipe end is tapered and ready for further manufacturing processes in Heat exchangers or Copper Heat Pipes

The tube end swage shrinking machine consists:

Workholding Mechanism: The copper tube is securely held in place during the rotary swaging process. This can be done using various types of clamps, collets, or chucks to prevent movement and ensure accuracy.

Mandrel or Swaging Die: This is the tooling component that is used to apply pressure to the inside of the copper tube. The mandrel is designed to reduce the diameter of the tube’s end while maintaining its roundness and integrity.

Die or Forming Tool: The die is the outer tooling component that helps shape the outer surface of the copper tube. It assists in controlling the reduction process and ensures consistent results.

Drive Mechanism: The machine is equipped with a mechanism that applies force to the mandrel and the die, causing the tube to undergo plastic deformation and reduce in diameter. This could be a hydraulic, mechanical, or pneumatic system.

The process of rotary swaging a copper tube end involves inserting the tube into the machine, positioning it accurately, and then activating the machine to reduce the diameter of the tube’s end gradually.

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