Copper Capillary Tube Cutting Machine

Copper Capillary Tube Cutting Machine

The machine is designed for capillary copper tube straightening and cutting with very small diameters.It could be either straight or coil form, as the condition hard or annealed (soft) are both available.Stainless steel capillary tube should be soft tempered annealing.


The machine works for capillary copper tubes diameter range O.D. from 1.5mm to 3.81mm.The pipe straightness could be +/- 2mm on 1 meter long.Coiled copper pipe TP1/2 or equivalent standard products.

The copper capillary tube is mainly applied in the areas of air conditioner, water heater, airplane, automobile, etc.

Copper Capillary Tube Cutting Machine


The capillary tube cutting machine features continuous,accurate and stable feeding by belt pushing and servo motor driving.You can cut the copper capillary pipe into set-length pipes.Tube end beading or bulging,pipe end flattening,tube end expanding can be additionally integrated inline forming after tube cutting process.

Dual station capillary pipes cutting machines with two capillary pipes can be processed at the same time, high producing efficiency.

The full automatic coiled tube chipless cut to length machine cut-off tubes or pipes without burr, crack or profile change. It works for both aluminum tubes and copper pipes which unwind from coils.It is first step of heat exchangers coils of air conditioners,tankless gas water heater,automotive condensers,automobile evaporators,Industrial and domestic refrigeration,plumbing, or any copper or aluminum tube products in HVAC industry.

Uncoiling payoff unit load coiled capillary tubes and unwinding, work. You have different choices of uncoiling systems fit to the capillary tube cut to length machine.

Straightening rollers make tubes to be straightened and rounded by two sets of rollers groups in horizontal and vertical directions.The straightening rollers are made by Cr12Mov hardened for long wearing time service. Straightening wheels with multi-radius for good roundness of tubes

Traction institutions for pulling the tube to pass through straightening rollers passively which are driven by servo motors.

Copper Capillary Tube Cutting Machine Copper Capillary Tube Cutting Machine

Encoder for measuring the capillary tube length.

Electric control system makes full parts of the machine connected and controlled. Cutting clamping dies cut off the capillary tubes. Automatic rotary capillary tube cut-off machine allows the orbital cut of copper tube unwinding from the pipe coil. The chipless (burr free disc cutting with no chips) tube cutting is achieved by clamping toolings with pneumatic and comes with PLC control and servo systems. It’s no material loss between pipe cuts,no need extra deburring system.

Unloading table to stock pipes that have been straightened and cut , can reverse material automatically by pneumatic drive.

Furthermore, we developed more tube cutting machines suitable for different industries and materials. Like stainless steel tube straightening and cutting machines for shell tube condenser and chiller, Steel tube straightening and cutting machines for tubular heating elements, Bundy tube straightening and cutting machines for refrigeration, Aluminum pipe straightening and cutting machines for automotive and household A/C air conditioners, Capillary tube straightening and cutting machine for refrigeration and medical, Copper tube straightening and cutting machine for heat sink pipe etc.

Inline tube end forming can be integrated after pipe cutting process to achieve full automatic pipe cutting and end forming.

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