CNC Tubular Heating Element Bending Machine

CNC Tubular Heating Element Bending Machine

Tubular heating elements are used to convert electrical energy into thermal energy.


Tubular heaters are widely used in household appliances,like baking ovens, water heaters,steam boilers,washing machines heaters, dishwashers heaters, water kettles, etc. and in many types of industrial systems so far.

Tubular heating elements will bend into different bending shapes for above various applications.

Common to see U and M shapes tubular heaters,2D or 3D geometries getting more and popular for more applications.Our tubular heating element CNC bending machine is an ideal option.

The CNC bending machine adopts a three-axis servo control system for different universal bending shapes with precision dimensional sizing. The machine works for three different Radius bending units on the same tubular heater pipe. Besides,multi-pipe bend at the same time for big scale mass production, it up to 4 pieces according to different heater pipe outer diameters.

CNC tubular heating element bending machine features

  • Quick changeover bending dies for heater bending lesssetup time
  • Up to 3 bending dies mounted for more tubular heater bending possibilities
  • CNC programming and memories for quick heater bending selection
  • Up to 4 pieces of heater tubes bend in one time for higher efficiency
  • Heaters’ bending units direct driven by servo motors for better accuracy
  • Servo drive and servo control for better consistency of tubular heaters
  • Multiple radius achieved on the tubular heater by three bending units
  • Large radii achieved by multi-feed and multi-bend on the same tubular heater
  • 3D shaped heating element bend by quick hand operation
  • Great repeatable accuracy for a big scale production or flexible production
  • Easy maintenance and friendly operation requires less skills and experience

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