CNC 2D 3D Copper Heat Pipe Bending Machine

CNC 2D 3D Copper Heat Pipe Bending Machine

A copper heat pipe bending machine is designed for bending copper heatpipes. Copper heat pipes transfer heat efficiently from one point to another in electronics and cooling systems. The bent heat pipes can then be integrated into computer CPU coolers, graphics card cooling systems, heat sinks, heat exchangers, Electric car controllers, wind power converters etc.


Heatpipes are sealed on both ends, hollow tubes typically made of copper with a small amount of working fluid inside. Bending these heat pipes accurately without causing damage to the internal structure is crucial for heat pipes manufacturing process.

The CNC copper heat pipe bending machine ensures

  • Excellentheat pipe bending quality while keeping defective rate less than 1%
  • Full automatic operation from heat pipes feeding,detecting,bending and unloading
  • Flexiblebent into 2D or 3D shapes of copper heat pipes driven by servo systems
  • Batch bending in a same time with more heat pipes for higher efficiency
  • CCD orientation recognition and edge selection for precision heat pipe bending
  • Userfriendly programming,up to 100 pieces stored and easy operation

The CNC copper heat pipe bending machine specifications

  • Copper heat pipe diameters 5 to 10mm
  • Heat pipes length range 150 to 450mm,can be customized
  • Heat pipes with thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 0.6mm.
  • The min bending radius is 2.5 times R, while the maximum is 50 times R.
  • Minlength of heat pipe is 45mm
  • The center-to-center distance of reverse rotation during heat pipe bending is 20mm
  • Heat pipe copper heat pipe 2D bending or 3D bending with pre-simulation
  • Heat pipe bending die is customized according to pipe diameter and radius

Applications of copper heat pipe:

Electronics Cooling: Heatpipes are commonly used in laptops, computers, servers, and other electronic devices to dissipate heat generated by CPUs, GPUs, and other components.

Industrial Cooling: Heatpipes find applications in industrial cooling systems, where they transfer heat from hot areas to remote cooling elements.

Aerospace and Defense: Heatpipes are used in some aerospace and defense applications to manage thermal loads and maintain stable temperatures in critical components.

Renewable Energy: Heatpipes can also be used in solar thermal systems to transfer heat from solar collectors to a heat exchanger.

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