Automatic Integrated Tube End Forming Machine

Automatic Integrated Tube End Forming Machine

The automatic tube end forming machine combined with a couple of independence tube end forming stations,a gantry type manipulator get all stations connect working as a full automatic process from tube loading to tube unloading.It works for complex tube end forming profiles.


Just replace the tooling for different tube end forming types. It is quick changeover.

Automatic Integrated Tube End Forming Machine


Pipe end reducing,

Pipe end expanding,

Tube end sizing,

Tube end flanging,

Tube end doming,

Tube end beading,

Tube end notching,

Pipe end slotting,

Pipe end flaring,

Pipe end necking,

Pipe end groove,

Tube end reducing,

Pipe end chamfering,

Pipe end facing,

Tube end stop beading,

Tube end double bead,

Tube end rounded roll over,

Tube end reduction with transition,

Tube end expansion with transition,

Tube end threaded expansion with flange,

Tube end radius grooving,

Pipe end beading,

Pipe end machined barbs,

Pipe end spherical closing,

Pipe end conical flaring,

Pipe end threaded reducing,

Pipe end swage reducing,

Tube end expansion with internal threads,

Tube end reduction with shoulder.

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