Automatic Heating Element Coiling Machine

Automatic Heating Element Coiling Machine

The machine is working for spiral-coiled tubular heating elements.It’s full automatic moves from straight heater pipe feeding to finished coils.The machine proceed by a couple of servo systems and PLC systems for precision works.Furthermore,the end pipe bends is positive on the same machine.


Manufacturing process

Loading:The operator just load straight heaters into the hopper of the machine.The hopper has an inclined surface that allows heaters to be organized neatly,that’s keeps every single heater standby one by one.

Feeding:When the sensor detects the feeding device is empty, it will drive a heater to fall from the hopper and push it forward to the designated position of the bending station.

90° bending: The sensor on the bending station detects the heater,the make the bend driven by servo systems

Spiral coil winding:Winding the heater on the shaft,drive and pitch is control by servo systems.

Heater end 90° bending:Cylinders fix the coiled heater,then bend heater end which drive by servo systems.

Unloading:Toolings take the finished heater off from the machine.


Automatic Heating Element Coiling Machine


II Features of tubular heating element helical coil winding machine

  • 6 sets servo systems with PLC control for great precision and more consistency.
  • Full automatic moves for big scale production.
  • The central straight tubular heater leg pass though by special designed tooling
  • Leverwound pitch of heating elements are adjustable
  • Mostround shapes of tubular heater are possible by changing the mandrel die
  • Easy and low maintenance cost. Optimized design make it simplified.
  • Toolings quick replacement for convenient operation and flexible production.
  • Emergency,safety grating,protection shield for human cares.

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