Automatic Circular Cold Saw Pipe Cutting Machine

Automatic Circular Cold Saw Pipe Cutting Machine

The CNC pipe cutting machine is a circular cold saw cutting driven by hydraulic, It can cutting all kinds of metal straight pipes, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe and other metal profiles.


The automatic tube cutting is achieved by automatic pipe clamping devices which feeding pipes smoothly.The pipe cutting head is mounted on the chuck which traveling on twin vertical chutes.It slides up and down to cut pipes.The pipe clamping system is powered by adjustable hydraulic system.It’s good for thin wall pipe cutting without deformation. A bundle of pipe or single pipe cutting is option according to pipe diameters.

Automatic Circular Cold Saw Pipe Cutting Machine 01


CNC automatic pipe cutting machine has a wide range of applications.

  • Equipped with automatic coolant recycling system to extend the service life.
  • Servo drive and control for accurate pipe cutting length +/- 0.1mm per 1m.
  • Vertical chute cutting and geared transmission for stable and accuracy pipe cutting.
  • PLC and button control for friendly pipe cutting operation.
  • Automatic detective andwarning system for pipe shortage blanking.
  • Multiplepipe feeding is optional for long pipe cutting.
  • Effectivecutting in just 3 to 7 seconds per one time of pipe cutting.

Automatic pipe loading system is optional to achieve full automatic pipe cutting.

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