Aluminum Extruded Microchannel Tube Straightening and Cutting machine

Aluminum Extruded Microchannel Tube Straightening and Cutting machine

Parallel-flow condenser & evaporator in air conditioning system of automotives,and radiators or intercoolers in engine cooling systems.The microchannel extruded aluminum tube which is also called as a multiport tube.


To manufacture aluminum micro channel harmonica tubes of parallel flow condensers starting from the tube cutting.

The PLC and Servo control system to achieve fully automatic operation from tube uncoiling, tube feeding, tube straightening, tube cutting, and tube unloading.

The microchannel tube coil is decoiling from micro channel tube reels by a automatic synchronized uncoiling decoiler. It keeps tube stable transferring in high speed along with a set of tube feeding dancer unit.

Aluminum Extruded Microchannel Tube Straightening and Cutting machine


Cutting of the pipes is conducted through a revolving knife or a linear knife.The micro channel is driven by power

PFC tube cut to length Machine cut off tubes up to 120 pieces per minute refer to the length of 600mm.

Microchannel tube straightening and cutting machine to cut different pipes by adjusting the distance of the straightening rolling wheels.The special stretch-breaking tube cutting ensures burr-free and less shrinking rate.It is achieved by nicking & pull-break process to get a chipless cutting while keeps very small deformation on cutting end.

Furthermore,the tube end nicking is good for further core assembling.

Aluminum Extruded Microchannel Tube Straightening and Cutting machine

Microchannel tube straightening and cutting machine features with

  • Precise tubeplain sizing and straightening unit
  • High speed flying guillotineshear tube cut off unit
  • Multipletube drive to cutoff when the microchannel tube is long
  • Precision microchanneltube re-sizing for further core building
  • Servo motor powered belt feeding systemfor stable and fast tube moving
  • High speed tube chipless cut-off by stretch-breaking
  • High speed tube straightening synchronized with non-stop burr free cutting

Valuable upgrades for Microchannel tube cutting machine

  • Tube automatic collectionand gathering system
  • Servo motorized power for unwinding decoiler
  • Inline microchanneltube end forming system for tube nicking and narrowing
  • Vision or EDDY tube online inspection
  • Online tube size inspection
  • Automatic tube sorting and stacking system ready for further core building

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